My Favorite Video Game Songs #13 – Slow Edition

With the season in full bloom, it doesn’t make the most sense to make a post about slow songs this time of year but I couldn’t help myself. Generally I consume a lot of more upbeat music but I definitely remember the slower songs that make an impact to my ears. For all the folks out there that prefer slower music this list is for you.

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The Greatest YouTuber of All Time (as of 5/17/2018)

Today I asked myself the question: who is the greatest YouTuber of all time? By this I ask which channel produced the most quality content in a quantity amount of years. While one can analyze this perhaps by statistics such as total views and peak trending, you can also wager in a lot of subjectivity.
In this article I will give my pick for this title as well as give some reasons for why I find this channel to edge it above the rest.

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Deck Borrowing is a Premium Feature in Card Games

Last month when the Witchwood expansion of Hearthstone dropped it quietly added a new mechanic called deck borrowing when playing with friends. Basically you can have friends play decks you made with your collection! It was a great way to get my friends back into the game since most of them don’t have the best collection themselves and offers great wacky game modes.

Basically with this new feature, I’m noticing just how elevated my experience is with a card game when deck borrowing is an option.


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My Favorite Video Game Songs #12 – Card Edition

My playlists have no pathetic songs Kaiba! This list is all about shouting out music from video games under the clause that this song plays when there are cards present in the game somewhere at that moment. This expands the otherwise narrow list to something with more variety! Card games usually have pensive music with strategic undertones but some developers thought otherwise. If you like lists like these, eh, perhaps check out #11!

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The Era of Notification Fatigue

Pop ups are an effective way to get someone’s attention. I usually get them on my phone, through Facebook, SMS, Snapchat, all over the place. Other apps like games will ask for notifications too. It’s like a shorter variation of a news letter email from an app sometimes. Lately, I’ve been getting notifications and notification requests all over my computer and it’s driving me nuts.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.50.21 PM.png

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The Importance of an Icon in Gaming

Today marked the departure of one of the most charismatic dudes that became a legendary icon for the popular video game Hearthstone. His departure is due to his desire to develop his own game (hell yeah!) and I wish him success for that journey. His name is Ben Brode and he was the director. Ben Brode was more than the man behind the development structure of Hearthstone. He was the face of the game.



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