Ranking All 802 Pokémon Subjectively

After a conversation with friends about the 2nd out of 3rd evolution is usually terrible looking (like how Marshtomp looks like the victim of grade school bullying), I thought I’d look over all the Pokés and see how trendy this trendy trend is. While I was there I noted that there were a lot of Pokémon that either had cool potential then got wrecked (Surskit -> Masquerain), or Pokémon that started out lame then ended up cooler (Snubbull -> Granbull).

I just went ahead and ranked all 802 Pokémon including Mega-Evolutions and Alolan forms because why the hell not. These Pokémon were ranked on some arbitrary factors including: how cool they look, how unique their competitive moveset or typing is/was, fun moments in the anime, how fun their lore/personality is, and most of all, whether or not it is a water type. I kid on the last factor, I am just self-aware of my bias. There are some trashy water ones too don’t worry. Apologies in advance if my list poops on your favs, it’s just my list.

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Shoutout – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s List on Becoming a Man

Back in the fall of 2013 when I first lived away from the comfort and consistency of home leaving for college, I was eager to read pieces containing what I perceived to be good advice, in any form of a tangible gathered list or collection of thoughts. One that struck particularly for me was a list of 20 things boys can do to become men; it’s a list made by one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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How League of Legends Fosters a Toxic Community

I was playing some League of Legends today with an old friend of mine. It was a typical League game, full of passive players until someone starts to perform poorly. Then at once, other teammates get so irate and abuse chat. As per usual the game devolves into toxic banter. My friend also chimed into the angst. I asked him, “man why do you have to feed into that stuff?” He told me “what do you mean? It’s just part of the game.” Of course to me this made no sense. Riot Games, the creators of League, didn’t intentionally make an environment that promotes such behavior. In fact, Riot has tried various efforts to prohibit negative behavior. However due to the way League has been morphed from the ground up, and well as changes made throughout its lifespan, League’s shell is just a hub of bad behavior. This article looks to identify what points League accentuates the internet’s already bad mannered ways, and perhaps some hope there could be for the future of this popular game.

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Why are Strategy Games so Expensive?

I was inspired to write this article after seeing a Reddit comment on /r/Hearthstone saying how the new expansion of 50 packs costs more than the entire new FPS game called Overwatch. This is increasingly stupid because 50 packs won’t even get you 20% of the expansion most likely.

Compared to other genres such as action adventure, FPS, platforming, heck even monthly subscribing MMOs, strategy games in my opinion seem to take the peak of being the most expensive type of game to play. While there are cheap or free to play models, the sheer quantity of money you can possibly spend on strategy games can be through the roof.

On March 22nd, Hearthstone increased the cost of card packs in EU and Asia, much to the outrage of the global community.

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5 Free to Play Games You Should Try

One of my favorite things about video games is how unique an experience they can provide as well as accessibility. Below are five free to start playing games that stood out to me as a great experience in one way or another. Also they represent different genres and can be a great entry to a genre. If you’re considering jumping into a new realm of gaming or know what styles of games you like and want to immerse yourself with more options, check out these hot takes.

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