My Opinion and Experience with Pokémon Go

It has been a solid 2 weeks since Pokémon Go has been unleashed on the world. Just about everyone who would have an opinion on this app has made at least one by now, and I would like to add my thoughts on that.

I’m going to start by saying that as far as social apps go, this app is utterly ridiculous. The impact that this game has made on secondary markets is quite visible. Bars around the country are using this venture as a great way to get people in their doors. And overall, if Nintendo stock is any indicator, I’d think this has been quite the success so far.

It is quite the site to see, going to plazas, parks, and downtown centers. Passing by waves and waves of players. It feels incredible to be a part of such a larger network. Not only did I have a blast meeting new people I am sure I wouldn’t have otherwise met, but I had my share of unique experiences while playing.

Last week on my school campus, I passed by a woman looking for directions. I showed her the way and she rewarded me with sushi!

Even CRAZIER, just five hours ago, I was walking around in downtown Folsom, and my buddies and I kept running into the same couple whilst Pokémon Go-ing. We chatted with them quite a bit, and I found out the guy I was talking to works in the video game field. Me, having the dream job in that field decided to ask him some more professional related questions. After a good thirty minutes or so, we said goodbye to the friendly couple, and I just got the business card from the CEO of a video game server hosting company called Survival Servers. He said there was an opening and thought I would be great fit. There were also opportunities to work from home. Not bad!

I was asked by my coworker Maria last week how long I thought this wave of Pokémania would last. After meeting so many dedicated players, and after researching how deep Niantic’s other game Ingress got, I’d say there is a great chance a substantial amount of players will see through this app with a longer lifespan than the average mobile game (which sucks). However my friend Arthur noted the plateau feeling after reaching a rather high level. He showed signs of fatigue with the game, and I see how after playing for a while players just quit of boredom. So I think most players will play this game for 3-4 more weeks. But I do think that there will be a large player base through it all.

A lot of Pokémon Go’s continued success however will rely on an improved combat experience, server improvements, and continual updates and events to keep players engaged.


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