Sacramento Kings Predictions

Being a true fan of the Sacramento Kings is sometimes like watching your brother’s grade school band recital. Lots of high pitch annoying clarinet squeaks, some trumpet flutters, hot noise so deafening it pains you, but you know what? That’s your brother up there! He’s your family. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right?

So here’s the thing. We all know that the band has got some learning to do. They have some building of skills to do. But what’s different from your run-of-the-mill grade school band recital and the Sacramento Kings is that you won’t be ‘disappointed’ at the quality of music. Yet year after year the Kings have been, for lack of a more positive spin, the laughing stock of the NBA. And year after year fans such as myself think “ohhhh they got it this year! I KNOW they can reach over .500,” or “at least we are better than the stupid Lakers!” But with upper management garbage and coaching changes, it’s been a rough couple of years. The Kings last year were 33-49, their second highest amount of wins in a decade.

This offseason the Kings have shuffled the roster around significantly, losing Rondo, Belinelli, and yo boy Seth Curry amongst others while acquiring Aaron Afflalo, Garrett Temple, Anthony Tolliver, and a returning Matt Barnes this offseason (not including rooks). These pick ups so far display strong additional role player talent, but the only solid point guard we have at the moment is Darren Collision who is dealing with legal issues. The Kings also got a new coach, Dave Joerger who was the coach for the Grizzles last year. I looked over several projections for NBA teams and not to my surprise most teams thought the Kings would do around the same if not a little better next year.

So how do I think the Kings will do? Well I am a huge fan of the new coach. The Kings have had 9 coaches hold the head coaching position since Adelman in 05-06. I thought Malone was great for the franchise a couple years ago but they screwed that up. This time, the GM was actually hired before the coach. So that’s a perk to stability. I think Joerger will be here for a while. He’s a player’s coach and I think that is a good thing for Boogie. Barnes adds another layer of toughness which the Kings need. The Kings were ass defensively as long as I could remember (bearable under Malone RIP). Joerger is defensively-minded which the Kings need.

I honestly think the Kings have the potential of breaking that distant .500 record. BUT. The Kings currently need help at the point guard position. And after all, they are your SACRAAAMEEENNTTOOOOO KIINGGSS (kings kings kings kings).

I predict a 39-43 record. Cheers to a new arena though.


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