My Favorite Video Game Songs #1

New series idea: 10 songs from video games that have a special place in my heart.

Without further ado here are the first 10! Links to hear them will be managed; I will try my best to make sure they stay updated to working links.

1.) Sky Tower – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

2.) Corn/Catfish Boss – Castle Crashers

3.) Bring It In, Guys! – Undertale

4.) Frog’s Theme – Chrono Trigger

5.) Noctilum(Day) – Xenoblade Chronicles X

6.) A Proper Story – Bastion

7.) Volcanic Rim(Oceania) – Street Fighter 4

8.) You Are My Hope – Bravely Default

9.) Ghost Forest – Evoland 2

10.) Malo Mart – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess




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