My Favorite Video Game Songs #3

Back again with another round of 10 video game songs I wouldn’t mind as permanent background music to my life. I get that these lists can be somewhat overwhelming in batches of 10, but production will slow as I get out more than I knew for a while I wanted up here. Also, out of 10 songs the idea is that you will like hopefully at least one!

To see #2, click here.

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5 Hearthstone Class Cards That Would Be Awesome Neutral Cards

As a preface, Hearthstone is an online “free to play” (P2W) card game made by Blizzard. Defining characteristics of this game include it’s glorious artwork, native casual player mentality, and copious amounts of RNG.

In Hearthstone, you can play as one of nine different classes, like a Druid or Mage. What’s fundamentality different between each class is their Hero Power, which is their ability they can use ‘once’ each turn for 2 mana, as well as unique class cards. This article requires some knowledge of the game. Here are five cards that would have been awesome neutral cards and why.

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The Huesteus Smash 4 Tier List

After releasing last week my tier list for the general Smash Bros tier list, a couple of my friends asked me what my own tier list for myself was (like characters I am good at or bad at).

This is exactly that! As you can tell I like ROB. I decided to shake this list up a bit so the characters furthest to the left are higher than the right. (For example, Toon Link is my #2).

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 7.08.11 PM.png

Making this list was kind of hard for me past the top 10 or so because it’s more about match-ups after that. I tend to get bodied with my #11 about as much as the pits of my list.

Again shouting out to a tier list maker I used: that very user friendly.


Every other month or so I like to make my own tier list for my own characters and see how they fluctuate over the years.

Looking at my lists, I have noticed my play style prefers characters with a nice projectile game. The only real exception I have to that is Marth/Lucina. I also prefer characters with a solid grab game. Due to how much I play ROB, these two insights make sense to me.

Current Jam #6

I am certain you have never heard this song before.

Sometimes Spotify reels in gems via the Discovery Weekly system. While it didn’t find me this one, it found me the artist and for that I am thankful. I really enjoy this song’s playful happiness vibe. Fits for a cardio session or light homework mode.

Hold On (feat. LiOby) – Pixaliz

Song stats:
Genre: Electro Funk
Vibes: Energetic, Slap Silly Bass, Poppy,
Slap / Not Slap Bass Ratio: 90% slap

My Smash Bros Tier List (Patch 1.1.6 as of 9/3/16)

Super Smash Bros 4 is a video game for the WiiU. Below is my tier list for all the characters in the game. Tier lists are particularly interesting for this game due to the occasional balance patches and discovery of tech / match up spreads. I am evidently bias, being a ROB main. With a lot of pro Smash players updating their lists lately I thought I’d share my own opinions.

The way this tier list works for me is the farther right it is per tier, the higher it is on the list. (Ex. Sheik is #1 on my list)

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.20.30 PM.png


There’s this great site I used: that let’s you easily make your own tier lists.