The Huesteus Smash 4 Tier List

After releasing last week my tier list for the general Smash Bros tier list, a couple of my friends asked me what my own tier list for myself was (like characters I am good at or bad at).

This is exactly that! As you can tell I like ROB. I decided to shake this list up a bit so the characters furthest to the left are higher than the right. (For example, Toon Link is my #2).

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 7.08.11 PM.png

Making this list was kind of hard for me past the top 10 or so because it’s more about match-ups after that. I tend to get bodied with my #11 about as much as the pits of my list.

Again shouting out to a tier list maker I used: that very user friendly.


Every other month or so I like to make my own tier list for my own characters and see how they fluctuate over the years.

Looking at my lists, I have noticed my play style prefers characters with a nice projectile game. The only real exception I have to that is Marth/Lucina. I also prefer characters with a solid grab game. Due to how much I play ROB, these two insights make sense to me.


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