How I’d Fix Hearthstone Pt. 1

But of course, this piece is all opinionated.

To bring some disclaimers, Hearthstone is a digital collectable card game. It is recognized as being a very easy to play card game that is optimized for its digital format. Key features of Hearthstone that separates itself from similar games includes a free resource every turn (in mana crystals) as well as close to zero interaction on your opponent’s turns (outside of preplanned Secret Card). This on top of a free mulligan (hand recycle) at the start of a game offers an impressive amount of consistency for a game whose developers constantly make iterations to spice up the experience.

Currently I feel the game has became stale for me, in particular in a way that is also not particularly healthy. I have an incredible bias being a player that enjoys decks that involve a large amount of thinking to pull off in addition to a more slow-paced experience. For the most part this is not my meta. Some of my favorite control style decks such as Handlock have been nerfed into oblivion. With a rampant amount of aggressive and on curve decks rampant in the game, it seems that the game feels more RNG-esque than it does mentally stimulating. This is due to both recent card design as well as the mentality of “play stuff on curve, if you have a poor turn you lose.”

Being a sort of aficionado of card games, I pick up on fun and unique mechanics that propel the respective games forward. In this series of article, I’d like to mention 3 things I would do to make Hearthstone more interesting if given the opportunity.

#1.) More Tech Cards

Cards like Mind Control Tech, Harrison Jones / Ooze, Big Game Hunter, Loatheb, and Eater of Secrets are fantastic examples of cards that aren’t horribly weak alone that can shine in countering particular decks. The opportunity of more tech cards enables the player by giving more interesting choices when deck building. Below I have created 3 cards that provide just that (may or may not be balanced).spell-eater

Spell Eater: 3 mana 2/2. AKA Mini-Loatheb. I was always fascinated with Loatheb’s interaction, finding it rewarding, not absurd, and properly balanced. Hearthstone is primarily a minion dominated game, but some decks especially as of late have taken spell-slinging to the next level with the advent of popular cards like Yogg or Arcane Golem. Where Spell Eater comes in is giving you a turn to out-tempo those pesky Midrange Mage and Yogg Druids, as well as giving you a turn to set up your own combo.



Lumberjack Orc: 3 mana 3/3. The Shaman slayer. The worst problem with Midrange Shaman in today’s meta is that there isn’t a good counter to it. Every other deck struggles with at least one matchup. Based on the unpopular Hungry Crab, I have devised a swell counter to those pesky totems that seem to curve out waaay too efficiently, as well as catch you up on the board with a low mana investment that provides decent neutral board presence. While this is only one card and won’t annihilate Shaman by any means, I think it is an exemplary step in the right direction.



iron-giantIron Giant: 10 mana 8/8. Compare to Sea Giant and Molten Giant for appropriated stats. Iron Giant is designed to be a mid-game answer to aggro decks. Decks that this particularly does better against include Discolock, Aggro Paladin, and well, most Hunters since they lack consistent card draw. As a disclaimer I think this card will see next to zero play. If it was buffed a tad bit in some direction with similar flavor, I could see it as a option in Control Decks or Combo Decks.



2 thoughts on “How I’d Fix Hearthstone Pt. 1

  1. Hues pls why; tech cards have to be borderline good too see play! But ye tech cards be good.

    Now we complain:
    1. Spell eater not stronk: Loatheb 5/5 for 5 effect strong
    Spell eater 2/2 for 3 effect moderate strong
    2. If used by shaman, baby totem killer is good
    if used by literally any other class, totem killer no good.
    IMO: make statline 3/4 for 3, and put an effect: kill two zero attack minions; hits 3/4 basic totems + flametongue + manatide. Few other classes use zero attack minions.
    3. insert following text: “and watch as opponent hits your face”
    Alternatively: “Taunt”
    Bonus round: an 8/8 for 5 mana as a counter to aggro is still too slow. Board clears and heals seem to be more effective than taunts, but most important is tempo. This guy needs either taunt or a serious mana decrease. See Sea Giant, that guy gets dropped for 2-4 mana into aggro, and you would never play him into aggro.


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