My NX Wishes

In lieu of NX news FINALLY getting announced by Nintendo tomorrow morning, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I really hope happens with the next Nintendo console.

Background: Nintendo has been in a sad state in the console battleground. The WiiU as a console considerably underperformed. I think that Ninty can learn a lot from Microsoft and Sony about their recent mistakes. However, Nintendo’s judgement and reputation as of modern times has seemed questionable, from harsh DMCA takedowns to letting Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival be a thing. Coming from a jaded Nintendo aficionado, I am seriously praying for a better tomorrow in so many ways. Here are some of those prayers.

Prayer #1.) Market the NX about the GAMERS First

Here is a great example of learning from Microsoft. Where the Xbox One blew chunks prior to market (and absolutely damaged their results) was marketing their new console as an all-in-one device. Most gamers were not excited by this news and weren’t sure what to make about it. I would market the NX as a device that is for the gamers. And by gamers, I don’t think I mean the grandpas that have a Wii chilling next to their TV but aren’t even sure if it turns on because they haven’t tried for a decade. I think this is where Sony really benefited. The WiiU was clumsy in a way because it tried to appeal to party gamers with the tablet functionality, but didn’t have a large selection that took advantage of their new tech and it also tried somewhat to appeal to more than casual gamers with improved graphics and performance. The WiiU has definitely made some of the most gorgeous games I have ever played (Xenoblade Chronicles X and Mario Kart 8), but it didn’t market itself as one very well.

Prayer #2.) Package the Console Release Date with a Good Spread of Games

When I bought the WiiU it kinda just.. sat there with Wind Waker. It wasn’t until Mario Kart 8 came out that I actually started playing my console regularly. Mario Kart 8 came out a year and a half or so after the WiiU came out, which is kind of lame. I hope Nintendo releases more 1st party games within the first year of the game. This will also snowball other developers into thinking about cool new ways to work with Nintendo’s new console.

Prayer #3.) 3rd Party SUPPORT

Yes, the WiiU had 3rd party ‘support’ but can you name two relevant 3rd-party games on the WiiU? It took me a while to think of one. And that’s the point. 3rd parties were not well supported last generation. Their controllers were unique but awkward to work with. Also many games couldn’t provide DLC or extras. That’s just silly. Nintendo’s new API should be flexible for developers and provide a much better framework that is more inclusive to third party work.

Prayer #4.) A Better Profile System

Current situation: Message Board (and a laaaaaaame one at that). Sure Miiverse can be enjoyed with the kiddos but it is not very engaging in a community sense that I have seen other consoles with countless kiddos play (Xbox 360). Have a more engaged profile system should add personality as well as add some pride to own a Ninty system. I don’t think is too farfetched to see them doing either, with the Mii stuff they have been pushing as well as their combined accounts system.

Prayer #5.) A Gaming Controller

Gosh the WiiU tablet sucks so so much for technical abilities it’s not funny. Bless be those who prefer it, but I use the WiiU tablet in Smash Bros as a handicap for myself. The hardest thing to get over for me was the weight. It just seems unnatural to play action games with the controller in my lap. The WiiU classic controller was functional, but could use some improvements. I loved both the new XBOne and PS4 controllers, and I hope Nintendo makes some of these-minded sweet thangs in the future.



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