New Hobby

So lately Amazon and Twitch did a deal which lets you get 1 free month of Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime for free with regards to registering for it. I thought I’d try out the service. With it you also get to subscribe to one streamer for free. Since I felt that this would make the greatest impact to a small streamer, I did some research on smaller streamers by watching them for a while. To gauge how awesome they all were I tried to engage with them, asking appropriate questions that are designed to help me gauge their personality.

And thus my new favorite hobby was born. What I discovered was that there is a fantastic question to ask just about any very small streamer. That question is:

“Guys I need help, do I order bbq chicken or pesto chicken pizza?”

The results I got were phenomenal. More folks preferred BBQ, but there were passionate representatives from both sides. If chat gets involved, there is even more hilarity. I recommend trying this out yourselves sometime!

Here is my favorite response.



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