Life Decisions Ep. 1

Life is a wonder in so many ways. There are good and bad times. Sometimes when I feel absolutely crummy, in the conceptual words of Butters from South Park, life is great because you know that you can also feel just as happy. I have made some good and terrible life decisions and I thought I’d share some more recent ones that I’ve made that positively resonated in my own life.

#1.) I bought personal weights

Working out has always been a sporadic activity for me. Sometimes I’d lift next to daily for weeks, other times I wouldn’t see the gym floor for over a month. This summer I felt that if I had personal weights around me, just a small set of adjustable weights, that I could maintain a more consistent schedule of when I work out. And boy was I right. Just the ability to lift for a few minutes when I can at home made me so much more often to stay in there. I feel comfortable saying that now because it’s been a good several months since that decision. I think this could easy stem from the same notion of “surround yourself with good people and you are more likely to do good.”

#2.) I have engrossed myself more in the drinking culture

As a disclaimer, I grew up being a kid who hated the idea of alcohol. I have family that have poor control of it, so I knew the risk of addiction was not helped genetically. Additionally, the smell of my mother’s red wine from her wine glasses bring me back to my least favorite past time, doing my own dishes. During my second year of college, I was in a very uncomfortable phase when around me all of a sudden my close friends started picking up alcohol. I’m not exactly a peer-pressured kind of guy. I never really got into it then, until I turned 21. Once I left the uncomfortable wary confines of a dorm environment that regulates that stuff, I felt more at liberty to give drinking a better shot (pun intended). After going to some bars with friends I have to say there is some serious merit in the drinking culture. I am proud to say I have never gotten a hangover or puked, and have no intentions of changing that. However, being more experimental and trying new drinks has been a fascinating experience and I am glad I am trying it out.

#3.) I picked up a blog

Well, well, well, look who just made a tiny full circle! While I am no crazy talented artist, and I am certainly no prodigal eloquent writer, I wrote this blog for me. For me this is a place to write those ideas that I can come back on and reflect on.. in a place where common social media isn’t the right medium, but expression even in the most private of places can be therapeutic. Over the summer I lived by myself and self-reflection needs its own destiny once in a while. I recommend to more people who enjoys multiple assets of life to try it out. My boss tells me, and I agree with him, that it is always important for content creators to always create content. While I can see that not everyone is a J.K. Rowling, I believe that like J.K. Rowling, we are wise, insightful, and curious beings that need a pasture to roam in.

#4.) I stopped playing so much damned League of Legends

So for those that don’t know what League of Legends is, it is a video game with primarily teams of 5. You play with friends or abusive randos online to do the same exact thing every single game: try to beat the other team, get triggered by salty teammates, and use the bathroom during loading times between games. I kept playing consistent League because my friends kept playing it and I enjoyed socializing with my buddies. But after not playing it for a while I realized how much fun I was having trying new games out. It was like getting out of a rut. While I will still play a game or two from a rare time to time, I will never fall back into the lifeless grind of playing competitive League of Legends.

I do want to say in a tiny font however that if you are still loving the game and having a great time, then fantastic!

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