Election Day 2016

So that happened.


I am just going to leave a few notes here as a reminder of what I stand for at my age now.

I am not going to talk about politics here ever again. Sorry.

Senseless rant. Move on if you can think of any alternative way to use your time better.

Paraphrasing here, George Takei talked about his time at internment camps. His quote which resonated with me said that after that experience, he would devote the rest of his life to work towards the dream that this does not happen to anyone again.

I feel like I am not represented in the current election system for the US. I look to systems like runoff elections, preferential voting, and I wonder why it can’t be more like that. Bipartisanship has proven to me to be a two size fits all ‘fix’ to the most dynamic and colorful environment of our country. Like modern technology, a 2-party archaic crap hole should be updated with the times. And when it doesn’t modernize, it shows. It doesn’t sell.

I don’t understand or appreciate the argument of “vote for the lesser evil.” I got one vote in this system and I am going to pick someone that represents me the best. If it just so happened to be that a dead animal fit that bill better than the force fed DNC nominee, then screw it. #imwithjesus

I am thankful that my vote wasn’t in a swing state, otherwise my ass opinion would have mattered a smidgeon more.

Is it my fault that the neighborhood park sandbox is full of irresponsible dog owners with their dog shit all up in there? That’s not the point, but regardless this is not a sandbox I want to be in.

If heaven is a perfect place, then I sure as hell am not picturing either the democratic or republican parties in there at all.

Time to do what young grumpy twenty somethings do best, eat jerky and play video games until the sun rises and then piss on my old self’s decision-making abilities and start the cycle again.


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