SiC Compilation #1

There comes a time sometimes when you learn something cool and want to share that with others. Here are some things that has recently come to my attention.

The origin of the acronym I am using is a triple entendre. The first is that it stands for Sharing is Charing. The second is the main way the term [sic] is used, which is as an editing term used with direct quotes or excerpts with the premise that it is exactly how it appears in the original, so as to highlight errors, mistakes, context, etc. The third is a play on the slang term “sick” showing coolness/radness with a certain matter.

1.) Lice is plural. A singular quantity of lice is a louse.

2.) Cauliflowers make creaking noises when they grow so fast you can hear the florets rubbing together. Farmers can hear them during the cold seasons the loudest.

3.) You need a license to be a florist (which I don’t understand, I can throw together some flowers right now  – try and stop me huehue).

4.) Focus Group interviews are incredibly overrated / not very useful.

5.) Overwatch’s logo resembles a peace sign (just discovered this).


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