Shoutout: Black Friday / Holiday Hole

Ahh Black Friday. A short-standing tradition where we follow up our day hemmed with the concept of ‘giving thanks for what with have,’ and then taking a big fat shit on that dream and forgetting all of that the next day.. or even the same night.

Consumerism has its pros, sure. It creates jobs and motivates others to create cool things all the time. But the decadence that is Black Friday to its core is as jaded as coloring easter eggs for the bunny on Easter, or dressing up and handing kids candy on Halloween.

An ice breaker favorite, Cards Against Humanity is a board game essential to your college freshman first semester package. The company traditionally despises the motifs of Black Friday. Every year they have done something silly. Back in 2013 instead of slashing prices like many competitors, they INCREASED the price of their game. In 2014, they sold literal bull shit for 6 bucks. In 2015 they gave fans the ability to buy absolutely nothing for $5. This year I believe they have outdone themselves.

Check out the website:

Cards Against Humanity fundraised over $80,000 to have a construction crew come to a location and dig a massive hole for no reason. If you check out the site you can pay to help continue the tractor’s progress as well as watch a live stream of the progress. Sure it’s not the most entertaining live stream in the world, but I find the concept hilarious.

This is perhaps one of the most creative and amusing uses of an internet crowd / hype bubble I have seen since Twitch Plays Pokémon.


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