Hearthstone: Mean Street of Gadgetzan Card Power Predictions

Hearthstone’s new expansion is coming out tomorrow. I am really excited for it because there is a lot of new change, excitement, deck crafting, and fun to be had. All cards have been revealed so I thought I’d do a quick prediction on how good each card actually is.

You can find a detailed list here, I simply find linking them all to be cumbersome.

Ratings are a combination of viability (for climbing on ladder) and ever so slightly how exciting it is.

Druid Cards – Overall Rating: 7/10 Druids everywhere (Token, Yogg, Ramp, Jade, Beast, Midrange, Aggro, etc.) all got new tools to play with. I love it when Blizzard gives flexibilities to classes, whether they are viable or not. Jade and Ramp Druid are what to look out for.

Mark of the Lotus – Overall Rating: 4/10 Thoughts: Cool tool for Aggressive Druid lists. Overall solid card that won’t see much play at all imo.

Jade Blossom – Overall Rating: 8/10 Thoughts: Super strong. Ramp on turn 3 into Druid’s strong turn 5 makes this card more relevant than Mire Keeper since it comes out a turn sooner. Jade Golems will be best utilized by Druid imo. Druids frequently Wild Growth turn 3 anyways.

Jade Behemoth – Overall Rating: 4/10 Thoughts: Balanced stat distribution. It’s expensive though so it’s kinda clunky. Unsure if I’d run it in a Jade deck yet.

Jade Idol – Overall Rating: 9/10 Thoughts: Busted card that by itself counters an entire archetype. You could not even run a Jade deck and just tech one of these in whatever to counter it. So silly. Overall the card’s potential is flexible and slow so we will see how the meta shifts as to how viable Jade Druid will be.

Virmen Sensei – Overall Rating: 3/10 Poor stat distribution for a class card. If this card itself was a Beast it would be better. +2/+2 is kinda whatever. I enjoy Blizzard’s efforts pushing Beast Druid but this is not the tool that they needed to get them to the next level. (Hint: They need more beasts)

Celestial Dreamer – Overall Rating: 4/10 This card is on the wrong class (should be on a Grimy Goons list). Has crazy follow up potential with a Druid’s turn 2 composing of 2 innervate and a big dude. Overall oddly situational.

Pilfered Power – Overall Rating: 3/10 I overall don’t the direction this card. I personally don’t think Hearthstone needs more ‘win more’ cards or cards that synergize with token spam. But hey this card is not bad at all. I’d run it with Roots and Violet Teacher. But Teacher may be too late for this card to reap benefits of a large ramp.

Lunar Visions – Overall Rating: 3/10 I overall think this card is bad since most modern Druid deck lists have lower quantities of minions in comparison. However, it can be a combo card and since my favorite archetype is combo, I see the potential here.

Kun the Forgotten King – Overall Rating: 6/10 I love the design of this card. Compare to Arcane Giant but with Choose One flexibility. Card is fantastic in the ramping Druids with tons of spells we see today, but 10 mana is stiff. Crazy synergy with Aviana but will the memes propel this card into viability? I dunno but it seems fun to try!

Hunter Cards – Overall Rating: 6/10 Aggressive and Midrange Hunter got new tools and seems to be a viable vessel for Goons. Points for adorable kitten card.

Shaky Zipgunner – Overall Rating: 9/10 This card is incredibly strong. Synergizes with so much. (Ex: Dispatch Kodo, Rat Pack) The conditional Hunters have to make (having a minion in hand, this minion needs to die) is totally feasible and the power shift to the hand should make HS more enjoyable I hope.

Trogg Beastrager – Overall Rating: 8/10 Solid card. Beast condition will be interesting since Hunters have a lot of them. I don’t know if this card will be a must include or not but it sure seems viable.

Piranha Launcher – Overall Rating: 5/10 This card sucks but looks like a ton of fun. Control/Late Game Oriented Hunter is a dream that may never happen but this sure is a card that would be interesting to run in it.

Smuggler’s Crate – Overall Rating: 3/10 Seems bad. Hunters tend to lose games when they lose tempo on the board so I don’t see this being very good at all. The fact that it only works on beasts is somewhat irrelevant imo due to how many beasts Hunters typically play.

Alleycat – Overall Rating: 9/10 Another busted token card! They are beasts too. This synergizes very well with the rest of Hunter’s cards. I pray this does not entail a return of face hunter. Aggro Hunter likes this the best for sure.

Dispatch Kodo – Overall Rating: 9/10 I really enjoy the card design on this one. One thing that’s cool about this card is that by itself (with no hand buffs) it’s not bad. So even if you can’t buff it, this card can still make a splash. WITH a buff though, my goodness. Synergize this with Tundra Rhino and oh man that’s a lot of damage.

Hidden Cache – Overall Rating: 5/10 My favorite part of this secret is that it offers an extra level of mindgames. Is it Snipe? Will they trade unfavorably predicting Freezing Trap? That’s why I enjoy this card. Other then that it is comparably useless to Smuggler’s Crate.

Rat Pack – Overall Rating: 10/10 This card is completely busted. Even without buffs it is a strongly budgeted card. The fact that it is a Deathrattle means that it can get buffed further with the likes of Leokk, etc. making this card insane. I predict it being a viable must include on most Hunter decklists.

Knuckles – Overall Rating: 2/10 The card concept is cool! I like the idea of rewarding controlling the board whilst smacking face. Shaman’s totems get countered. It reminds me of how poor it can be to hero power against a Foe Reaper. Like Foe Reaper however, I doubt this card is very viable on ladder. The fact that it costs as much as it does makes it a costly inclusion to an aggro hunter list.

Mage Cards

Kabal Lackey – Overall Rating: 9/10 Another busted 1-drop. This card propells Secret Mage to new heights, similar to how Secret Hunter rose after Cloaked Huntress. The stats on this are aggressive which makes it better. The only thing holdly this card back is how few options are quality Mage secrets to play on turn 1 for free. The best ones that come to mind for me are Ice Barrier / Ice Block, perhaps Spellbender.

Cryomancer – Overall Rating: 6/10 I am excited to see synergies with freezing things, especially ones that aren’t just more freezing of things. The stats on this are fair, and playing this by itself isn’t god awful. However it’s tough to see play out since casting freezing potion on something into this isn’t good tempo for 2 cards. However, a turn 4 Water Elemental that can freeze something into this card is something to look out for.

Freezing Potion – Overall Rating: 3/10 This card is not very good in my opinion. Using up a card just for freezing something is unfortunate however, Ice Lance’s flexibility to simply freeze something is something I have definitely used before so this card isn’t all that awful. One thing I learned however in my span of HS however is to never underestimate 0-mana cards.

Volcanic Potion – Overall Rating: 8/10 I love board clears! If only this went to a class that desperately needed them. Oh well, this card seems good in the push Blizzard is making for a Highlander Mage deck list. I could use see Freeze Mage finding room for this card too, however I am also expecting this card to compete with the more consistant Flamestrike and the more needed Polymorph in lue of Goons.

Potion of Polymorph – Overall Rating: 9/10 Am I the only one that thinks is card is a little too busted? When played in the late game you trash the next enemy your opponent plays which is significant since it kind of just dumps a card out of their hand. Even if this card winds up on a 1-mana card it is still significant since 1-drops are busted anyways.

Kabal Crystal Runner – Overall Rating: 9/10 Thing From Below is an excellent card. I can see this card being excellent too. This card however definitely looks worse than TfB since Secrets aren’t as consistant as a Shaman Hero Power. Regardless, Secret Mage looks to be strong and this card is a must include and strong tempo swing in those decks.

Manic Soulcaster – Overall Rating: 7/10 I love this card because it opens back up an archetype, being Standard Exodia Mage. Even though that possibility is a huge stretch, the fact that it lets that happen gives it a strong rating for me.

Greater Arcane Missiles – Overall Rating: 9/10 This card is fantastic. Since the meta seems to suggest people might play more medium sized things, this picks them off better than across the board clears might. Unsure how this works with spell damage but I can imagine this being a great finisher in place of Pyroblast for certain mage decks.

Inkmaster Solia – Overall Rating: 9/10 Highlander Mage decks should be good. Card is interesting. Good cards to use this with would be stuff like Flamestrike, Pyroblast, and Greater Arcane Missiles.

Paladin Cards

Grimestreet Outfitter – Overall Rating: 8/10 This card is nuts and strongly statted for its potential. The aggro minion variety of Paladin I think will be very strong this meta, with this card as a 2 of.

Smuggler’s Run – Overall Rating: 4/10 Since this card isn’t a minion or adds tempo the turn you play it, I think it’s significantly worse than Outfitter.

Grimscale Chum – Overall Rating: 2/10 The only current viable Murloc deck in the meta is the Anyfin one with exclusively running only 2 types of Murlocs. Anything else ruins the OTK potential. Thus, this card is bad in that. Personally I don’t see this seeing any play in high ladder.

Getaway Kodo – Overall Rating: 9/10 Super cool secret, probably tied for the best Pally secret behind Noble Sac. The ability to bounce your Tirion or Lightlord is phenomenal tempo wise.

Grimestreet Enforcer – Overall Rating: 6/10 The ability seems super strong. Unfortunately it costs a lot. I see the viable Goons deck being a more aggro then midrange variety so this is too costly for that.

Grimestreet Protector – Overall Rating: 5/10 Cool concept, but I think too optimistic for the current meta. More aggressive decks can see their stuff sticking more frequently, but this effect tends to be better on bigger minions.

Small-Time Recruits – Overall Rating: 10/10 I think this card is one of the best cards of the set. Part of the reason Secret Pally / Mysterious Challenger was so crazy is because once Mysterious Challenger hit, a lot of bad 1 drops came out of your deck too, so the chances you’d follow up with a turn 7 Boom and turn 8 Tirion were much higher. That being said, I think similar for this card. Being able to weed up your large supply of 1-drops can help aggro Pally in top deck mode and certainly I think is a more consistant card than Divine Favor.

Meanstreet Marshal – Overall Rating: 6/10 Cool concept, I wonder how far a midrange variety of Goons Pally can go. Pallys have lots of buffs so there should be many ways to get this card’s ability rolling.

Wickerflame Bubristle – Overall Rating: 9/10 Like it or hate it, I think we’ll see a lot of this card in the next year or so. This card works well enough in most Paladin decks I can think of, not just buff Pally decks. Slower decks can simply use this as a solid 3 drop with healing potential.

Priest Cards

Kabal Talonpriest – Overall Rating: 9/10 Dark Cultist was a must include at its peak. I think the same of this card, barring maaaaybe Dragon Priest.

Potion of Madness – Overall Rating: 7/10 Fantastic card and a great answer to pesky early game decks / Zoo. Synergizes well with Pint-Sized.

Kabal Songstealer – Overall Rating: 4/10 I think the reason Ironbeak Owl was heavily used back at 2 mana and not 3 mana was really because it offered cheap removal. A 4 mana 4/3 silence doesn’t see play so I doubt this will.

Drakonid Operative – Overall Rating: 8/10 SO much better than Azure turn 5 for priests. Huge upgrade and should help propel Priest into top relevance. Discover ability offers an incredible amount of insight to one’s deck.

Pint-Size Potion – Overall Rating: 9/10 While all the shmucks play Dragon Priest and Highlander Mage, I am going to push a ‘traditional’ Priest experience reminiscent of the GvG days with Shrinkmeister. Control Priest woohoo! The synergy with Shadow Word: Horror is dirty and let me change your mind kappa. At the very least on its own it helps you trade optimally on the board and can counter stupid cards like Rat Pack or Meanstreet Marshall.

Greater Healing Potion – Overall Rating: 6/10 Never underestimate healing in Hearthstone. This does just that helping Priest make it to turn 5.

Dragonfire Potion – Overall Rating: 9/10 I’d run this in non-Priest decks. Reminds me of Lightbomb. The fact that you can choose to focus on your opponent’s stuff is dirty. Bad card in a Dragon Priest mirror.

Mana Geode – Overall Rating: 5/10 Priest got a 2-drop aaaannnd I’m not gonna play it much. Ability will be tough to exploit and I’m still ok with some classic Anduin BM turn 2.

Raza the Chained – Overall Rating: 9/10 Will our memes simply be dreams? Coldarra Drake? Anyways this card is cool, but the best Priest for the next few months smells like dragons and I don’t think Highlander Dragon Priest will be easy to play with.

Rogue Cards

Jade Shuriken – Overall Rating: 8/10 Removal is always Rogue’s welcome. Also Jade Rogue should be interesting. Must run 2 in Jade.

Jade Swarmer – Overall Rating: 7/10 Good synergy with N’zoth Jade style decks.Kinda understatted and the fact that it’s not a Battlecry makes it way worse since Rogues can bounce for more Jades all day.

Shadow Rager – Overall Rating: 5/1 Good synergy with Lava Rager and Ice Rager. Gets bodied by Am’gam Rager. Good in Arena, hilarious if it actually works in constructed.

Counterfeit Coin – Overall Rating: 5/10 Outside of Gadgetzan Auctioneer, I don’t think much of this card. Sure Miracle will pick it up but 2/3 coins in your deck seems greedy.

Gadgetzan Ferryman – Overall Rating: 5/10 I seem to be in the minority excited for this card. I plan to play a Jade Rogue deck with tons of bounce back including this card and Youthful Brew in tandem with Jade Spirit.

Shadow Sensei – Overall Rating: 3/10 It’s a 4 mana 4/4. Synergy with Shadow Rager is out of this world.

Lotus Assassin – Overall Rating: 6/10 Fantastic arena card. Rather unsure how much success it will see.

Luckydo Buccaneer – Overall Rating: 4/10 Too slow. Otherwise triggers on only like 3 currently viable cards, namely Deadly Poison, Squidface, and Burgle into Fiery Win Axe.

Shaku, the Collector – Overall Rating: 8/10 In the minority again here, I like this card. Burgle Rogue is a joyous fun I have so much fun playing. This card is a 3-drop with is nice and in a way draws you a card somewhere in there most likely. 3 mana 2/2 draw a random card is not bad!

Shaman Cards

Jade Lightning – Overall Rating: 3/10 Always like removal options, but this is somewhat overstatted for the Jade Golem.

Call in the Finishers – Overall Rating: 3/10 Despite what some say I think this card blows. Stand Against Darkness saw no play and I don’t think this will be very viable either, despite the Murloc dreams.

Jade Chieftain – Overall Rating: 6/10 Insane synergy turn 10+ with Brann. Need some Jade foundation before this card starts getting good.

Devolve – Overall Rating: 10/10 Busted card that destroys buff centered decks like Goons as well as DRattle decks like N’Zoth.

Jinyu Waterspeaker – Overall Rating: 8/10 I REALLY enjoy Control Shaman. This absolutely helps it out without adding more shit for Midrange BM Shaman. Healing is fantastic.

Jade Claws – Overall Rating: 9/10 Something to note, a 2 mana 2/2 weapon is fantastic. Ultimately, this weapon is simply fantastic. Unfortunately it’s fighting Shaman for relevance against Spirit Claws and out tempoing with no mercy. For Jade decks this is a must run 2 of.

Finders Keepers – Overall Rating: 7/10 Discover is strong, as are Overload effects. This can up the odds of finding that perfect answer you need to a tough board situation. Strong card in Control Shaman and Highlander Shaman lists.

Lotus Illusionist – Overall Rating: 9/10 Super fun card! Most 6 drops can’t regress you too much from Lotus’s stats so this is typically a fantastic deal. Naturally synergizes with Evolve and friends.

White Eyes – Overall Rating: 8/10 Control Shaman should be propelled into viability with the help of this card. Unfortunately there are 3 more viable deck types for Shaman. Crazy card though.

Warlock Cards

Abyssal Enforcer – Overall Rating: 7/10 Woo Renolock! Annnd too expensive to see two of them anyways.

Blastcrystal Potion – Overall Rating: 2/10 Pretty bad. But hey it’s removal! I won’t run this intentionally in any deck list I can think of.

Crystalweaver – Overall Rating: 4/10 If it was a Demon it would be much better. Unfortunately it’s just mediocre. There aren’t enough Demons.

Seadevil Stinger – Overall Rating: 2/10 This should work great with all the other Murloc cards Warlock has (looks around room). I can imagine there’s a Finja Zoo list out there. Time will tell.

Bloodfury Potion – Overall Rating: 2/10 Rough card. Not good in Zoo, Handlock, or Renolock. Marginal at best in a Demon deck that doesn’t exist yet.

Felfire Potion – Overall Rating: 9/10 Fantastic card for Renolock. Unsure how bad the fact that it hurts you in the face will be too. Could be a decent finisher too?

Kabal Trafficker – Overall Rating: 8/10 Only good card I saw that miiiight propel Demons this expansion. Recurring value cards tend to be strong.

Unlicensed Apothecary – Overall Rating: 8/10 Good to run in most decks. Unsure how good it is in Zoo, but Midrange, Renolock, Demon Warlock can all use this without killing themselves too fast.

Krul the Unshackled – Overall Rating: 4/10 Reeeally expensive. If the opponent has a board clear to your all in play, you sorta kinda just lose.. If this card summoned duplicates it would be busted. Interested in trying this card for the sake of combo.

Warrior Cards

I Know a Guy – Overall Rating: 3/10 Unsure if this will make the new Control Warrior deck. But it certainly should see play in the infamous BOLSTER Warrior!

Grimy Gadgeteer – Overall Rating: 8/10 Well budgeted, and its recurring effect makes the potential value of this card insaaaaane.

Public Defender – Overall Rating: 3/10 Need someone to protect some Doomsayer? Need more tools for Bolster Warrior? Tired of losing by turn 3? Well this will help one of those problems.

Stolen Goods – Overall Rating: 1/10 In contention for worst card of the set. Way too conditional. Worse than Rampage imo.

Alley Armorsmith – Overall Rating: 7/10 Could see play in Control Warrior. Armor is better than Health after all! Without buffs this card is slightly below average.

Grimestreet Pawnbroker – Overall Rating: 7/10 Eww Aggro Warrior likes this a lot.

Brass Knuckles – Overall Rating: 5/10 Honestly have no clue how this card will be. Bad stats though.

Sleep with the Fishes – Overall Rating: 4/10 Cool option for Control/Midrange decks.

Hobart Grapplehammer – Overall Rating: 9/10 Shiiiiiit Aggro Warrior looks mighty strong now. Hobart somewhat equates to 4 face damage for 2 mana.

I’m running out of steam. Here’s the rest (the neutrals, triclass cards) without detailed descriptions as to why.

Grimy Goons Cards

Grimestreet Smuggler – Overall Rating: 5/10

Grimestreet Informant – Overall Rating: 8/10

Don Han’Cho – Overall Rating: 6/10

Jade Lotus Cards

Jade Spirit – Overall Rating: 9/10

Lotus Agents – Overall Rating: 4/10

Aya Blackpaw – Overall Rating: 9/10

Kabal Cards

Kabal Chemist – Overall Rating: 7/10

Kabal Courier – Overall Rating: 6/10

Kazakus – Overall Rating:10/10

Neutral Cards

Kooky Chemist – Overall Rating: 2/10

Friendly Bartender – Overall Rating: 2/10

Mistress of Mixtures – Overall Rating: 7/10

Big-Time Racketeer – Overall Rating: 4/10

Grook Fu Master – Overall Rating: 4/10

Worgen Greaser – Overall Rating: 1/10

Hired Gun – Overall Rating: 3/10

Blowgill Sniper – Overall Rating: 5/10

Tanaris Hogchopper – Overall Rating: 2/10

Spiked Hogrider – Overall Rating: 3/10

Leatherclad Hogleader – Overall Rating: 4/10

Backstreet Leper – Overall Rating: 3/10

Toxic Sewer Ooze – Overall Rating: 2/10

Hozen Healer – Overall Rating: 4/10

Daring Reporter – Overall Rating: 5/10

Naga Corsair – Overall Rating: 3/10

Gadgetzan Socialite – Overall Rating: 6/10

Ancient of Blossoms – Overall Rating: 3/10

Streetwise Investigator – Overall Rating: 2/10

Street Trickster – Overall Rating: 2/10

Red Mana Wyrm – Overall Rating: 4/10

Second-Rate Bruiser – Overall Rating: 3/10

Backroom Bouncer – Overall Rating: 3/10

Dogglegangster – Overall Rating: 7/10

Bomb Squad – Overall Rating: 5/10 Punish that Syvalnas like never before!

Small-Time Buccaneer – Overall Rating: 5/10

Wind-up Burglebot – Overall Rating: 2/10

Fel Orc Soulfiend – Overall Rating: 9/10

Dirty Rat – Overall Rating: 8/10

Burgly Bully – Overall Rating: 2/10

Fight Promoter – Overall Rating: 8/10

Defias Cleaner – Overall Rating: 3/10

Blubber Baron – Overall Rating: 5/10

Weasel Tunneler – Overall Rating: 9/10

Patches the Pirate – Overall Rating: 9/10

Finja, the Flying Star – Overall Rating: 6/10

Auctionmaster Beardo – Overall Rating: 8/10

Madam Goya – Overall Rating: 8/10 More memes and dreams.

Sergeant Sally – Overall Rating: 9/10 This into PO is busted.

Genzo, the Shark – Overall Rating: 2/10

Wrathion – Overall Rating: 8/10

Mayor Noggenfogger – Overall Rating: 1/10


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