Current Jam #9

When it comes to 8-bit/chiptune, this current jams playlist only scraped the surface. I am gonna pick a track that’s a little deeper in that genre this time.

Kubbi – Up In My Jam (All of A Sudden)

Song stats:
Genre: Chiptune Rock
Vibes: Level 4, Adventure Time, Just Figured Out the Controls LET’S DO THIS
Sanic Speed: 7/10


5 Ways to Nerf Small-Time

Within Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, one of the most prevalent matchups you’ll see on ladder is the Pirate package, with a great roundhouse of cards such as Patches. The pirate package has propelled Pirate Warrior to be the face flavor of the year and it’s aggressive success has pissed off plenty. Some thought at first Patches was the problem. I think not, rather, it’s this below slimy asshat. Behold, the dumbest card of current memory, Small-Time Buccaneer.

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