5 Ways to Nerf Small-Time

Within Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, one of the most prevalent matchups you’ll see on ladder is the Pirate package, with a great roundhouse of cards such as Patches. The pirate package has propelled Pirate Warrior to be the face flavor of the year and it’s aggressive success has pissed off plenty. Some thought at first Patches was the problem. I think not, rather, it’s this below slimy asshat. Behold, the dumbest card of current memory, Small-Time Buccaneer.

At first glance it seems innocent enough no? Like Cogmaster but a different condition? Well the problem is just how easy it is to value trade or slam three damage a turn to the face. With rivaling one-mana dickheads like Mana Wyrm or Tunnel Trogg, at least their conditions didn’t have the Pirate tag to get a free 1/1 as well as being neutral. Small-Time being neutral gives players the glorious opportunity to see this wretched work in Rogue, Warrior, AND Shaman. Hell, it can even work in Paladin.


Nerf #1: Mana


A big problem with Small-Time is that you can get him in turn 1 poorly contested to follow up with Fiery Win Axe / Dagger / Busted Claws. Nerfing his mana cost makes him easier to play around and harder to curve for.

Nerf #2: Less Attack


Another problem with Small-Time was how well the card could value trade into your three healthed minion. A two power bucky is significantly more manageable for both your minions and face.

Nerf #3: He’s In Charge!


This nerf concept ain’t gonna happen but it makes Patches not happen. No free 1/1 and busted one drop in 1 shebang nah thanks. Cogmaster wasn’t a Mech himself.

Nerf #4: Situationally Manageable


Moving the power to the battlecry makes our favorite small timer worse in Warrior and Rogue turn 1s. This could potentially not effect Shaman since Claws is turn 1, so I went ahead and doublewhammed it giving less Attack with the boost.

Nerf #5 (My personal favorite)


#lethuntershuntagain Hunters out of all the weapon classes the worst. This is because their cheapest weapon in standard is a whopping THREE mana. If you are a face player this is a tough number to count to I understand. Anyways, hunter’s in a bad spot anyway. They have zero pirate class synergy. While I also don’t expect this change to happen, I find it humorous to give Hunters this sexy beast. The clouds in the background of the card are green. It was meant to happen obviously.


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