Current Jam #10

I have been meaning to represent a genre I quite enjoy as a current jam, this one being Synthwave. The whole TRON-esque, neon grid lines, futuristic deus ex machina contrived universe.. I dig it.

GUNSHIP – Tech Noir (Carpenter Brut Remix)

Song stats:
Genre: Synthwave
Vibes: Introspective, Mellow but Uplifting
80’s vibes: King Fury/5


How I’d Fix Hearthstone Pt. 4

I took a long break for part 4 of this series because, well recently, Blizzard actually alleviated one of the points I was going to address. But I will address it anyways!

This is part 4 out of 5 of a series I am doing that is my opinionated propaganda on how I would make a collectible online card game more engaging and flat out a better game.

Part 1 is here, part 2 is here, and part 3 is here.


#4.) Establish a Stronger Casual Environment

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Shoutout: How a Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon one of the best Medium pieces I’ve ever read. To the less engaged or jaded “Friends” addict, this might seem nothing more than a well mapped conspiracy theory. What this article certainly contains is an observation of many of the problems with today’s society, and how observable this behavior is in one of the most popular shows of its time. Furthermore it extends the normalities of these behaviors.

So let’s read more books, learn more, and stop buying so much crap everyone. That being said, checkout how the show “Friends” triggered the downfall of western civilization.

Check out David Hopkins’ article here.

420 Thoughts

Sometimes it’s those insane big-dreaming thoughts that propel humans to walk on the Moon or develop the flu vaccine. Other times, they should have probably stayed in the deepest realm of whichever part of brain they came from. Here is a collection of such thoughts. (I don’t actually physically blaze, just metaphorically)

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Multiple Endings in Modern Gaming

Recently I’ve noticed a rather strong correlation with the presence of branching story paths/endings in single-player focused gaming in relation to a positive experience I have with the game. Giving the player different outcomes to a game certainly empowers a player in the choices they make and if done correctly, builds stronger ties between the gamer and the world they immerse themselves in. Perhaps developers focus more on the user’s experience and immersion when involving branching endings in the game, and it’s this attention to detail that coincides with a visible net positive experience. While this development decision may not always result in a quicker turnaround cash grab, it is certainly a game attribute manifested beautifully in almost every genre of yesterday and tomorrow. I will be analyzing some games I’ve played with multiple endings that stood out to me (warning spoilers), and with this hopefully giving some insight on what details games are doing right in different ways.

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