420 Thoughts

Sometimes it’s those insane big-dreaming thoughts that propel humans to walk on the Moon or develop the flu vaccine. Other times, they should have probably stayed in the deepest realm of whichever part of brain they came from. Here is a collection of such thoughts. (I don’t actually physically blaze, just metaphorically)

Sometimes my brain just says screw it, I’m just gonna be a stripper. And then I do some research and get depressed at how competitive and loaded that field is. So I change my mind.

There’s the phrase unsung hero. You know what I think the world needs? Another super hero movie but this time, he/she sings. Like a super hero movie with special effects plus a musical.

Legends of Legends? More like League of Nope. Overwatch? More like Nopewatch. CS:Go? More like CS:NO. Hearthstone? More like Nopestone. Pokémon? More like Neopets Digimon.

Marketing idea: athletic jackets by Underarmor. Called Overarmor. (Cash grab)

Life’s too short to be a dick to other people.

You know how there are those good friends that help you be comfortable and yourself, yet distract you from boring stuff like school work? And you know those good friends that are sometimes lame but keep you honest with your boring life matters? Well I am going to stop being a good friend and start being a good friend.

If there were indeed booties everywhere, they the one who said this sentence must be a booty.

Political propaganda is like the Kirkland chocolate milk from Costco you don’t have to refridgerate. I don’t trust it, but it still manages to wind up right in my face anyways.

Even if you are found, you can still be lost.

If at first you don’t succeed, blame Ben.

If at second you don’t succeed, shame on Ben.

Life is like a semi-melted box of chocolates. It’s a sticky mess and unique like a snowflake. No two boxes of are ever melted the same way.

Every pickle has its jar.

Hating yourself is like burning a bridge while you’re on it.


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