From C to Shining Dumpster


You are the worst.

On Sunday, February 19th the Kings decided to trade top 10 player DeMarcus Cousins for a couple Mancala marbles and a used Kleenex tissue.


In shameful ceremony of the passing of my beloved team the Sacramento Kings, I whipped up a little Haiku.

Haiku Name: GoldeNone Arena

Insane optimist

The city’s heart, ripped out

Bleed purple no more.

To presumably catch the reader up to speed for understandably not following the Kings, the team has drafted worse than any other team in the past decade except for Isaiah Thomas (who is now an All Star in Boston, but not recognized by Kings), and DeMarcus Cousins, AKA the only player of value on the Kings and the heart of soul of the current team (who was just now traded to New Orleans). So the draft picks the Kings acquired are presumably wasted, even in what could be a good draft.

Next, the most anticipated piece the Kings acquired was Buddy Hield, a ROOKIE picked 6th. He’s got potential but this is for sure an unknown in some degree.

I hope I bite my words but in the meantime in my opinion this is a terrible trade.











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