Day 1 Release Rant


My name is Nick. I am a Nintendo fan that knows hardship. I was in line for a Switch on the midnight release in Best Buy. The dude in front of me got a Switch and I got nothing. In this article I will rant about how sad I am that I get to see all over Reddit how much fun people are having with this so called “masterpiece” that is Breath of the Wild. I cannot play because Nintendo either can’t count or doesn’t give enough shits. I am writing this article to talk about an issue rarely seen in the industry nowadays and that is fans disappointed at Nintendo for simply being so damn interesting.

So a lot of this piece is fairly obvious. Nintendo Switches are not in stock for a month at best and this is stupid. Why is this particularly stupid in comparison to say a PS4 day 1 shortage or XBox One shortage? Because Breath of the Wild. In comparison few consoles have had such a commanding experience like apparently this game has and gamers across the world can’t experience it with everyone else. This is way more problematic than a console release with a kick ass day 1 release YEARS ago like the Nintendo 64 for a few reasons.

1.) Nintendo needs to sell these damn things. They were slumping after the WiiU and need this to blow up. They need users.

2.) If you are a fan with a WiiU and can’t get your hands on this Switch shit, you may be impatient like my cranky ass and are heavily tempted to just get BotW for WiiU and settle. The next title you’ll ‘need’ probably isn’t till Mario and that’s gonna be a while. Maybe a good chunk of audience will need more than Mario to buckle down. Some of these fans are Zelda ones and they may have lost their opportunity to seize the Zelda fan market to buy a Switch if this is a rare “must buy.”

3.) With the advancement of technology, a lot of gamers frequent social media platforms to connect with other giddy gamers about their experiences. Earlier it was about knowledge and hax with sites like GameFAQs. Nowadays sites like Reddit offer great communities to talk and meme about the game in relevant ways. By fragmenting the time of gamers’ experience, this will result in a jarred community on these platforms between those that have already experienced such parts ages ago and those that are experiencing it for the first time. Games in this era are heavily impacted by the social clouts surrounding them. It’s why WOW got so huge; its community was nuts. It’s why Hearthstone / League / the Smash Bros scene / etc. is still relevant.

;;TL;DR;; BotW should have been a day 2 release kappa /s







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