Term of the Day #1

No these won’t be daily.

But I saw a word and thought it was neat. I don’t use it at all, probably because there are ‘relevant’ synonyms that get the job done and make this word not needed.

That word is: “apposite”

A quick Googleroni says this word means “apt in the circumstances or in relation to something.” It’s like the word relevant or pertinent. I thought the word was neat because it has that root flavor with “opposite” and it is also a word hardly ever used in my experience.

I’ll use it in a sentence for you!

“Jody thought it was apposite how the word WiiU could be misheard with the phrase P-U.”


One thought on “Term of the Day #1

  1. You might be interested in the closely related word, appositive. Appositive, a grammar term, describes exactly what I did in this sentence, where a sentence is interrupted by a word or phrase that acts as an adjective on a noun that precedes it. Apposite as a word has declined in popularity as its snooty and colloquial cousins, apropos and appropriate, (appositives abound!) crowd out the niche for words starting with the letter a meaning good in context. Apposite seems to have been relegated to legal and grammatical contexts, which may further explain it’s lack of popularity.


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