5 Games I’m Stoked For (5/20/17)

In preparation for the hype to come at E3 later in June as well as the excitement that graduation season and hot summers tend to bring, I’ve compiled a quick list of five games I am truly excited for.

1.) Rime

Release date: May 26th, 2017

Genre: Open World Puzzle

Rime looks to be a gorgeous puzzle game. Gameplay seemed to suggest a classic Zelda level of creative and challenging puzzle spread, wrapped inside an atmosphere that is both isolated and emotional.


2.) Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Release date: July 18th 2017

Genre: Open World Adventure

This game hyped me right from the opening second of the trailer. The art style in unique, particularly in the rocks. This game looks to be a mesh between a Breath of the Wild experience plus some details seen in Harvest Moon such as the animals and the resource gathering.


3.) Cuphead

Release Date: Allegedly Mid-2017

Genre: Run & Gun

Straying away from a third Zelda rehash is Cuphead, a very challenging Run & Gun game (which you don’t see as much of nowadays). The gameplay looked tough, focusing on surviving while dodging difficult enemy patterns. The art style, reminiscent of a Disney cartoon is certainly catching.


4.) Ooblets

Release date: Mid 2018

Genre: Farming and Adventure Game

Ooblets looks to be a fun quirky game, kind of like a combination of Pokémon and Harvest Moon. You can grow your plants into companions (see below) that can fight into battle. The gameplay trailer looks SICK and I am excited to see how this game will play out. The developers mentioned an inspiration being Animal Crossing amongst the two I previously mentioned. I think for this game to work, the charm must be there consistently, and the combat system mustn’t be a side thought.


5.) Super Mario Odyssey

Release Date: Q4 2017

Genre: 3D Platformer

Yeaaaah we’ve all heard of this one by now. But truly this is a game I am so stoked to see. 3D Mario adventures like 64 and Sunshine are classics. I, as a WiiU owner, felt rather miffed by the different take, 3D World, which lacked a homey hub-world and felt more similar to the more side scrolling Mario adventures. In my opinion, platformers nowadays tend to be excellent when their bread and butter controls and navigation abilities (like FLUDD, spinning, backflips, triple jumps, dashes) are clean, different, and smooth. Looking at the trailer and the hat tricks, I’m excited for some classic platforming amongst the unique worlds so far showcased. Honestly after the shortage hiccup with the Switch, I lost most of my interest in the console, especially after caving in and getting Breath of the Wild for WiiU instead. This game will decide if the Switch is worth it for me, and for that I am stoked.


Sorry for the lack of updates, life took a huge pivot and I needed to focus on that. Expect more posts now!


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