About Me

I’m Nick.

Yes, I know. Nick is an insanely creative name. Good luck finding two Nicks in the same room.


  • philosophical inquisitions
  • yay sports (basketball)
  • ingenuity in technology
  • video games (pick-a-genre)
  • cooking
  • the music (like a lot, favorites are electronic, alternative rock, and F-U-N-K)
  • animals (I can talk to you in detail about chickens and turtles)
  • video production
  • board games (playing and making)

I’m an extroverted introvert moderate Christian cautious but curious sarcastic memelording asshole who isn’t afraid of spiders unless other people are in the room. I eat the crust on pizza, think pineapple belongs on it, and prefer .7 lead.

Come at me! I don’t bite. Unless it’s Monday. Then get your rabies vaccine and you should be fine.