I Built a Computer!

A couple weeks ago my dad offered me a challenge (and full reimbursement). He needed a family computer that would be used to store family pictures, videos, and the like, as well as be a stable work environment for him that would last longer than his throwaway Dell laptop stack. This is the first time I made a computer so things were interesting and new to say the least.

This post is going to share what I built, how it went, and what I learned.

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My New Years Resolutions

Growing up I always laughed at people that pinged New Years as the day they start getting their act together. I thought hey if you want to change yourself why wait until it looks sexy in a spreadsheet to do so? Do it today not tomorrow.


And hear I am today, doing just that. Motivation comes and goes when it comes to things we don’t always want to do and New Years Resolutions, for as much deserved shit as everyone gives them, is a better point than most to start figuring everything out again. And at the end of the day (or year), we should be happy for any extra motivational nuggets that come along with us.

So what are my resolutions?

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The Evolution of FeelsBad RNG Mechanics in Hearthstone

Yesterday broke in the dawn of the 11th Hearthstone expansion, Kobolds & Catacombs, a set that I have already spent hours enjoying. However as I kept playing against the same degenerate Tempo Rogues with Keleseth and my Devolves on my Elemental Shaman deck produced a sea of taunts for my opponent, I couldn’t help but wonder if this set has the most RNG of any set. Certainly it makes sense for this time slice to be up there in RNG, since the way expansions flow has it such that this is the largest the card pool will be in the standard format. This makes it hard to play around much, especially in the early days of an expansion. Yet, after devolving my opponent’s Voidlord and Master Oakheart into an Al’Akir the Windlord and Grizzled Guardian which then proceeded to recruit 2 Tar Creepers, I asked myself how the history of Hearthstone’s RNG was.

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