The Greatest YouTuber of All Time (as of 5/17/2018)

Today I asked myself the question: who is the greatest YouTuber of all time? By this I ask which channel produced the most quality content in a quantity amount of years. While one can analyze this perhaps by statistics such as total views and peak trending, you can also wager in a lot of subjectivity.
In this article I will give my pick for this title as well as give some reasons for why I find this channel to edge it above the rest.

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A Dive Into my Wallpaper Collection

I love wallpapers. I love them so much I can never choose which one I want so I just have a wallpaper rotation with all of my favorites. Sure I get into certain moods and I like to spice it up every once in a while but for the most part I certainly have a style that I like to express.

In this article you’ll find some of my favorite computer wallpapers as well as some insight on where to find some more goodies.


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Fortune Favors Fools

Several months ago, my friend and I made another ‘short’ film. This one is four or five times longer than our previous short, Bob Orders Pizza and may or may not be an unofficial sequel.

Here is the description:

“Cale and Fanta are two daycare workers tired of their jobs. During a casual encounter with a new Chinese restaurant, a mysterious fortune cookie comes packed with an adventurous surprise. The hunt for the promise of treasure unfolds.”

Here is the video:

Also why not Bloopers?

New Hobby

So lately Amazon and Twitch did a deal which lets you get 1 free month of Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime for free with regards to registering for it. I thought I’d try out the service. With it you also get to subscribe to one streamer for free. Since I felt that this would make the greatest impact to a small streamer, I did some research on smaller streamers by watching them for a while. To gauge how awesome they all were I tried to engage with them, asking appropriate questions that are designed to help me gauge their personality.

And thus my new favorite hobby was born. What I discovered was that there is a fantastic question to ask just about any very small streamer. That question is:

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Bob Orders Pizza

Several months ago, my friend and I made a short film. Thought I’d get it out here.

Here is the description:

“Confronted with the harsh reality of a lacking food supply, Bob must do the inevitable and order pizza. What he does not expect however, is a side of extra justice.”

Here it is: