Current Jam #9

When it comes to 8-bit/chiptune, this current jams playlist only scraped the surface. I am gonna pick a track that’s a little deeper in that genre this time.

Kubbi – Up In My Jam (All of A Sudden)

Song stats:
Genre: Chiptune Rock
Vibes: Level 4, Adventure Time, Just Figured Out the Controls LET’S DO THIS
Sanic Speed: 7/10

Current Jam #8

Happy December!

Hopefully the absolute best month is going well for everyone!

Jokes aside, here is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists that never seems to go old for me. It came out in 2014. The artist Savant does it all. Whether it’s harder EDM, dubstep, lighter electronic, hell even orchestra, there is probably a Savant album out there for you.

Hit the Top – Savant

Song stats:
Genre: Electronic
Vibes: Saturday Morning Cartoons, Space-ish, Fantasy,
Workout Music: Cardio/10

Current Jam #7

I’m avoiding math work right now. Anyways.

After listening to the lyrics, I am not quite sure if this is a positive or negative love story. Or a love story at all. Regardless it is a catchy kickin jam.

How to Love – Besnine

Song stats:
Genre: Electronic
Vibes: Reflective, Happy or Sad Depending on your Interpretation
Edgey Love Angst: I’ll Never See Your Face Again When The Sky is Blue/10