My Favorite Video Game Songs #11 – Lyrics Edition

When it comes to telling a story, songs and video games can be very similar. They can both be incredibly emotional, and tone setting. They go hand in hand in building a world and with adding lyrics to specific songs in game, can add another layer of immersion and mood setting. These 10 songs do an incredible of just that. If you want to see more video game lists, perhaps check out list #10.

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Shoutout – The VGM YouTube Community

So lately FamilyJules, a popular YouTube video game cover musician fronted a masterful collaboration with 70 YouTube artists for a massive Mario medley. You can find the link to the video here:

It was an example of a fantastic community piece that represented all kinds of musical styles and talents and spread across the thing that binds them all together, playing music from a timeless franchise. Feats like that video are only possible when a community is as supportive, collaborative, and encouraging and this one. I’m proud to have recognized over half of the collaborators for this project before it began.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 3.23.45 AM.png

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Current Jam #22

Apparition – Troy Baker

Genre: Alternative
Vibes: Warm up, Nirvana intro with a sax chorus??, montage-y, an air of pop

Not sure why but the main composer of Final Fantasy music was a related artist of Troy Baker in my Spotify..

Current Jam #21

Tapioca – Slime Girls

Genre: Electronic
Vibes: Fun bubbly light, happy, Mario Kart at times, Ooblets

I’m throwing in a vimeo as opposed to the usual Soundcloud links this time. I just think this animation is so beautiful.