Current Jam #18

Dusk. – Jinsang

Genre: Chill Hip-Hop / Lo-fi
Vibes: Miyazaki, Rain, Mellow, Somewhat Jazzy



My Favorite Video Game Songs #8 – Sonic Edition

In celebration of Sonic Mania’s arrival, I thought I’d specialize this edition of My Favorite Video Games on yo boi Sonic! Whether the game was trash or brilliant, one thing Sonic games always have in common is sweet jams. From retro 2D, to 3D rock, to whatever hybrid time-line shenanagans the modern games are twisting on us, its all executed to a high level. From the exciting and fast paced first levels to the final boss fight music, Sonic music has got a spectrum of greatness to uncode. Enjoy!

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My Favorite Video Game Songs #7 – WiiU Edition

Welcome back to another round of 10 amazing video game songs. Last list I asked for a suggestion on doing like a themed favorite. It could have been something like Jazz focused. Or Boss Battles. Or emotional, heartwrenching, tear-inducing. But no one gave any feedback. Even when I asked in person. So I thought very meta about this response. Nobody responded with ideas. Therefore, could this mean (dons tin foil hat) the people of the Huesteus blog want 10 songs from games nobody wanted?? Well I decided to take it one level further. Here are 10 songs from 10 DIFFERENT games from a CONSOLE nobody asked for – the WiiU.

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