My Experiences with Kickstarter

For those unaware, Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding site to help ideas come to actuality. In this day and age, indie development and low budget teams are on the forefront of opportunity. There has never been an easier time to support projects you believe in and Kickstarter is part of that movement. Projects like Undertale and Exploding Kittens are examples of serious wins for developers and consumers alike that I am proud to have been a part of.

That being said, I Kickstarted multiple projects since early 2015. I will bring up two examples of purchases I made as well as how I felt about the process both pros and cons.

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Word of the Day #1

No these won’t be daily.

But I saw a word and thought it was neat. I don’t it often if at all, probably because there are ‘relevant’ synonyms that get the job done and make this word not needed.

That word is: “apposite”

A quick Googleroni says this word means “apt in the circumstances or in relation to something.” It’s like the word relevant or pertinent. I thought the word was neat because it has that root flavor with “opposite” and it is also a word hardly ever used in my experience.

I’ll use it in a sentence for you!

“Jody thought it was apposite how the word WiiU could be misheard with the phrase P-U.”

SiC Compilation #1

There comes a time sometimes when you learn something cool and want to share that with others. Here are some things that has recently come to my attention.

The origin of the acronym I am using is a triple entendre. The first is that it stands for Sharing is Charing. The second is the main way the term [sic] is used, which is as an editing term used with direct quotes or excerpts with the premise that it is exactly how it appears in the original, so as to highlight errors, mistakes, context, etc. The third is a play on the slang term “sick” showing coolness/radness with a certain matter.

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Welcome to the Land of Hue

Greetings traveler! I have decided to make my own blog. Often times I find myself in a place where I want to share ideas I get with others, but the audience isn’t there at the moment. This way gives me a physical location to drop my thoughts down, and I thought hey, if you are ever curious what I have been up to, check here! I often feel that when I use social media, I am hesitant to post stuff more than rarely. This way, we both recognize that you are entering my domain, so hopefully when I talk about myself, it is entirely welcomed in the Hue-munity.