10 Particular Phenomena

Over the last several months I have documented some terminology for rather precise observations of life. I mostly found these terms through the rabbit holes of Reddit and waves of Wikipedia. Some gave me a hearty laugh, others got me inquisitive. Let’s begin!

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420 Thoughts

Sometimes it’s those insane big-dreaming thoughts that propel humans to walk on the Moon or develop the flu vaccine. Other times, they should have probably stayed in the deepest realm of whichever part of brain they came from. Here is a collection of such thoughts. (I don’t actually physically blaze, just metaphorically)

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Life Decisions Ep. 1

Life is a wonder in so many ways. There are good and bad times. Sometimes when I feel absolutely crummy, in the conceptual words of Butters from South Park, life is great because you know that you can also feel just as happy. I have made some good and terrible life decisions and I thought I’d share some more recent ones that I’ve made that positively resonated in my own life.

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Shoutout City 2

In this shoutout, I’d like to relay a message from my friend Alex. I will not precurse what the piece is about; I’d rather the reader interpret this for themselves.

“If you’re a creative type – whether it’s a career or a hobby or something in between – love your works, warts and all. Show them compassion. Appreciate them for what they are. Your heart gave birth to them, and your careful labor shaped them. A good parent doesn’t hate their children for being born with a club foot or developing some adolescent pimples, and their love doesn’t come on the condition of perfection. F*** the phrase ‘kill your darlings.’ Yeah, some projects are destined to fail, and you need to let them. And yeah, sometimes there’s an element of tough love to the editing process. But harshness is not the solution. It only leads to second-guessing, the kind that will stunt both their growth and your own. Regardless of what anyone tells you, your best work will come not from ruthless adherence to your plans and expectations, but from a loving eye.”

This piece really resonated with me and reflects my viewpoints on how I approach my creative endeavors. Whether it’s baking bread or building a mobile app, your projects can find way through this lesson.


I’m putting this in philosophy as well.