The Best of Huesteus 2017

Disclaimer: Severe quantities of patting self on the back is seen below. If you dislike it when content creators appreciate themselves, do not click the article title / “Continue Reading” tab.

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Shoutout: Web Design – Nicalis

I was checking out the website for Nicalis, a game development and production studio responsible for helping games in production like Cave Story +, Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +, Redout, and 1001 Spikes. I recently navigated to their web site and HOT DAMN it is sexy.

All of the flavor, from the characters out there from their respective games to the detail and audio was incredible. I am highly inspired by their design and approach to a website that is largely marketing heavy with some blurb of who they are about.

Shoutout – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s List on Becoming a Man

Back in the fall of 2013 when I first lived away from the comfort and consistency of home leaving for college, I was eager to read pieces containing what I perceived to be good advice, in any form of a tangible gathered list or collection of thoughts. One that struck particularly for me was a list of 20 things boys can do to become men; it’s a list made by one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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Shoutout: How a Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon one of the best Medium pieces I’ve ever read. To the less engaged or jaded “Friends” addict, this might seem nothing more than a well mapped conspiracy theory. What this article certainly contains is an observation of many of the problems with today’s society, and how observable this behavior is in one of the most popular shows of its time. Furthermore it extends the normalities of these behaviors.

So let’s read more books, learn more, and stop buying so much crap everyone. That being said, checkout how the show “Friends” triggered the downfall of western civilization.

Check out David Hopkins’ article here.

Shoutout: Black Friday / Holiday Hole

Ahh Black Friday. A short-standing tradition where we follow up our day hemmed with the concept of ‘giving thanks for what with have,’ and then taking a big fat shit on that dream and forgetting all of that the next day.. or even the same night.

Consumerism has its pros, sure. It creates jobs and motivates others to create cool things all the time. But the decadence that is Black Friday to its core is as jaded as coloring easter eggs for the bunny on Easter, or dressing up and handing kids candy on Halloween.

An ice breaker favorite, Cards Against Humanity is a board game essential to your college freshman first semester package. The company traditionally despises the motifs of Black Friday. Every year they have done something silly. Back in 2013 instead of slashing prices like many competitors, they INCREASED the price of their game. In 2014, they sold literal bull shit for 6 bucks. In 2015 they gave fans the ability to buy absolutely nothing for $5. This year I believe they have outdone themselves.

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Shoutout City 2

In this shoutout, I’d like to relay a message from my friend Alex. I will not precurse what the piece is about; I’d rather the reader interpret this for themselves.

“If you’re a creative type – whether it’s a career or a hobby or something in between – love your works, warts and all. Show them compassion. Appreciate them for what they are. Your heart gave birth to them, and your careful labor shaped them. A good parent doesn’t hate their children for being born with a club foot or developing some adolescent pimples, and their love doesn’t come on the condition of perfection. F*** the phrase ‘kill your darlings.’ Yeah, some projects are destined to fail, and you need to let them. And yeah, sometimes there’s an element of tough love to the editing process. But harshness is not the solution. It only leads to second-guessing, the kind that will stunt both their growth and your own. Regardless of what anyone tells you, your best work will come not from ruthless adherence to your plans and expectations, but from a loving eye.”

This piece really resonated with me and reflects my viewpoints on how I approach my creative endeavors. Whether it’s baking bread or building a mobile app, your projects can find way through this lesson.


I’m putting this in philosophy as well.

Shoutout City

In this post, I’d like to make some shoutouts.

I will do some more shoutouts as this blog progresses. If any of you homies do any public blogging of any kind, let me know! I am not aware!


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.39.50 PM.pngMy buddy Keaton has been starting up a pretty cool Medium blog of his own. I think his writing style is better than mine and he talks about some pretty interesting topics.

You can check his blog here.


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.40.59 PM.pngCasual gamers out there looking for community, I was showed the site and found a lot of success and fun interacting with the community there. The vibes are definitely tuned for casual social gamers. They recently got bought out by a much larger company but claim to still strive for the community they are building.


More shoutouts will come later. Heck I even made a category called “shoutout.” You can say I’m all in.