and Awful Web Design

Unlike the rest of the appreciations I’ve been doing in the past, I think it’s time to shake things up and make a shoutout to one of the biggest disaster updates of a major site I’ve ever witnessed. Thank god I’m not a huge NFL or NHL fan.

2 years ago or so, revamped, going from a more minimal and efficient look to a more modern and streamlined look. It took a while to establish the new look you see today, and while I’ll agree that the update did its purpose and perhaps intention, it has got to be one of the biggest disappointments I’ve ever witnessed for a website “upgrade.”

Hopefully this can be an educational read for web designers out there. If you’re an avid NBA fan like me you probably already know about this garbage fire of a site.

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Sacramento Kings Predictions Vol. 2

A year ago I made predictions for how the Kings would fare.

Last year I predicted a 39-43 record, unaware that the Kings were going to dump their leading scorer and playmaker DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings finished with a 32-50 record, a loss less than the previous season. Not too bad considering the talent on paper looked significantly less after that trade. Funny enough that record in 2015-2016 was their best record since 2007 where they had a WHOPPING 38 wins. Yeah the Kings are not a juggernaut in any tense of the word, unless you think nautical because they are often sinking. Of course, being a loyal and true delusional Kangz fan, it’s time to miss the mark again!

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