5 Board Games You Should Own

As a preface I’m neckbeard deep into board games. One ongoing project of mine is to assemble the ultimate bookshelf, where I have a board game fit for any table! So I’ve spent lots of research and time slaving away playing board game after boarding game (I know, life’s so rough) to come up with variables like subsets of genres, quantity of players, distinct game personalities, yadda yadda stats mumbo jumbo.

The list of 5 games you’ll see here are on this list because they are liked in MANY situations, are very replayable, they fit that delightful combo: easy to learn, challenging to master, and most of all, combined they should be the 5 games you should own to be prepared for any game night at your place.

Bias alert / disclaimer: I dislike Uno. If you think Uno is the strategic nuts, perhaps this article is out of line.

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Current Jam #22

Apparition – Troy Baker

Genre: Alternative
Vibes: Warm up, Nirvana intro with a sax chorus??, montage-y, an air of pop

Not sure why but the main composer of Final Fantasy music was a related artist of Troy Baker in my Spotify..

The One Thing Both Apple and Android Are Missing

Every time it’s time for me to get a new phone I always change sides. I do it not only so I can become versed in different ways to design a phone and explore the realms of titillating UI discrepancies, but also because there are different things I quite enjoy that its main competitor doesn’t have. Nowadays with iPhone and Android phones being incredibly similar in so many ways, I thought I’d talk about the one distinction the other doesn’t have that would make the other option obsolete if it added the feature (in my eyes of course).


Look it’s a pixelated watering can I made!

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Board Game Review: Cat Lady

Cat Lady is a new game published by the reputable board game comp AEG and is a game where you take the role of a crazy collecting cat lady. It is a drafting game where players take turns gathering food, toys, cat drugs, costumes, wanted posters, and certainly, a ton of cats. You gotta feed your cats to get points! There are a ton of ways to get points, from hoarding a variety of cat toys to finding stray cats that are great for developing cat feeding strategies. The game is relatively quick, is easy to pick up, and has a good amount of depth, which is a stellar combination to have in a board game.


In this article I’m going to go over what the game does well and not well and discuss whether or not Cat Lady is the right board game to add to your collection.

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Shoutout: Sometimes Giving a Person a Choice is an Act of Terrible Cruelty

Today I stumbled upon a very thought provoking philosophical piece that has modern implications. You can find the link right smack here! It was written by Lisa Tessman. https://aeon.co/ideas/sometimes-giving-a-person-a-choice-is-an-act-of-terrible-cruelty

In this blog post I will give a synopsis and highlights from the piece, then I will give my quandaries and thoughts on the piece.

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Current Jam #21

Tapioca – Slime Girls

Genre: Electronic
Vibes: Fun bubbly light, happy, Mario Kart at times, Ooblets

I’m throwing in a vimeo as opposed to the usual Soundcloud links this time. I just think this animation is so beautiful.


I Built a Computer!

A couple weeks ago my dad offered me a challenge (and full reimbursement). He needed a family computer that would be used to store family pictures, videos, and the like, as well as be a stable work environment for him that would last longer than his throwaway Dell laptop stack. This is the first time I built a computer so things were interesting and new to say the least.

This post is going to share what I built, how it went, and what I learned.

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