Hostess’s Challenge #1 – Name that Game!

Today I watched a neat video game bass guitar compilation of 30 popular songs from video games. Listen without cheating to see how many songs you recognize! I got 22/30!


My Favorite Video Game Songs #12 – Card Edition

My playlists have no pathetic songs Kaiba! This list is all about shouting out music from video games under the clause that this song plays when there are cards present in the game somewhere at that moment. This expands the otherwise narrow list to something with more variety! Card games usually have pensive music with strategic undertones but some developers thought otherwise. If you like lists like these, eh, perhaps check out #11!

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The Era of Notification Fatigue

Pop ups are an effective way to get someone’s attention. I usually get them on my phone, through Facebook, SMS, Snapchat, all over the place. Other apps like games will ask for notifications too. It’s like a shorter variation of a news letter email from an app sometimes. Lately, I’ve been getting notifications and notification requests all over my computer and it’s driving me nuts.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.50.21 PM.png

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The Importance of an Icon in Gaming

Today marked the departure of one of the most charismatic dudes that became a legendary icon for the popular video game Hearthstone. His departure is due to his desire to develop his own game (hell yeah!) and I wish him success for that journey. His name is Ben Brode and he was the director. Ben Brode was more than the man behind the development structure of Hearthstone. He was the face of the game.



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My Pet Peeves

In light of being a breathing human with weaknesses, I have been meaning to write this article for a long time.

But what has held me back so far has been questions like, “if my friends Thor and Daniel knew this information, this won’t end up well for me, won’t it?” The answer is most certainly that this is a poor decision on my behalf but as Albert Einstein once said “just do it Hoostoos, don’t be a wienie.”

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My Favorite Video Game Songs #11 – Lyrics Edition

When it comes to telling a story, songs and video games can be very similar. They can both be incredibly emotional, and tone setting. They go hand in hand in building a world and with adding lyrics to specific songs in game, can add another layer of immersion and mood setting. These 10 songs do an incredible of just that. If you want to see more video game lists, perhaps check out list #10.

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Board Game Review: Farmageddon – Farm Fresh Edition

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend Protospiel San Jose 2018, an event dedicated to board game testing. It was free to enter and funded by those setting up a booth. All I had to do was play games in development while sharing my thoughts. It was an awesome event and within it there was a raffle for free board games. I won along with assumably most of the venue, and I chose this game to acquire for free because I liked the artwork and it looked fun. Viva la review!

Farmageddon is a hand management game where you plant crops that you can harvest on your future turns to get cash. The player with the most bank at the end of the game wins. You can compare this game to Bohnanza in the way you need to invest in your harvest, and Munchkin in the way that you can colossally dick with other people just for the sake of doing so.

This game is pretty short and goes by even faster when there are more people. The mechanics are overall simple and easy to understand, but also rewards handsomely to strategy, balancing risk and reward and offers satisfying natural combos and playstyles, and punishing players that overextend or don’t plan out their turns.


In this article I’m going to go over what the game does well and not well and discuss whether or not Farmageddon – Farm Fresh Edition is the right board game to add to your collection.

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